fight design by Orion Couling
Reviewed by William Endsley

Who needs a dagger when you have a light saber? And who needs a light saber when you have the force? Add a full coven of sexy witches and you’ve got every adolescent boy’s good vs. evil fantasy come to life. Orion Couling’s pageant of stage combat techniques for E.D.G.E. Theatre trims a Macbeth, laced with Star Wars jargon, to just over an hour.

The show starts with some basic battery-powered rapier technique done in the dark, where a cast of almost 40 proceeds to run through every weapon and trick in the book. Rejecting pesky iambic pentameter, the troupe then skips right to the more sophisticated light saber and hand-to-hand battles. The witches even get into the act with some two-on-two-times-three action. A crossbow gun is seen, but not fired. Audiences loved the scene where a light saber appears to pierce the front of a combatant's skull and exit out the back. Finally, the boys put down the toys to let MonDuff dispatch the evil and arrogant MonBeth with his bare hands—but just for good measure, Couling gives us a dénouement featuring a realistic upstage pummeling, replete with satisfying punches and knaps, and ending with the hero cracking the Sith Lord’s spine.