Call to Arms

March 11. The Cincinnati Regional Stage Combat Workshop (aka "Cease and Desist"—it's a long story, folks), Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati, Ohio (also a long story—trust us).  Classes in all weapons and skills as homey as can be where everybody fights with each other, and they even feed you. Click for further information.

April 1-3. Virginia Beach Bash at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. When better than April Fool's weekend to learn stage and screen combat training, including a classes in film-making skills, taught by professional directors, editors,and SFX specialists in action-capture and treatment, as well as working stunt-coordinators, stunt-performers, firearms specialists, cinematographers, and experts in acting, movement and combat for stage and screen. Click for further information or contact Dr. Michael Kirkland at:

August 3-24. The World Stage Combat Training Conference. York University, Toronto, Canada. The Academy of Fight Directors Canada hosts stage combat instructors from five different countries offering classes at all skill levels in nearly as many languages. Click to join the tournament.