Barter, Hire & Broadsides

Zach Livingston is currently producing Charger, a five-minute action film he describes as "one long fight scene with no dialogue, filmed in a continuous tracking shot using a steadicam." (There's also a plot, however, involving the rescue of  a damsel in distress that turns out to be not what it seems.) The film is due for release in July 2015. For more information, email

A Terrific Combat!!!
edited by Tony Wolf, with a forward by William Hobbs. Published by Lulu press. A refreshingly entertaining compilation of documented and anecdotal commentary on theatrical combat from 1900 to 1920, by the cultural fight consultant for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. For further information and to order, log onto

Renaissance Men: The True Story of the Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre, DVD documentary by Kevin Leeser, starring the stunt-troupe whose debut in 1977 became the prototype for American Renaissance Faire jousts to this day. For ordering information, log onto
Sword of Hearts, DVD film by Sword and Cloak Productions. A swashbuckling tale of adventure and intrigue in the style of The Three Musketeers, filmed on the grounds of the Bristol Renaissance Faire and Stronghold Medieval Retreat, starring Kathrynne Ann Rosen, Zach Thomas, Amy Harmon and Travis Estes. For ordering information, log onto

Welcome to Reality, DVD film by Lokean Productions. What happens when a group of fantasy-gamers enlist the aid of a Medieval History professor to embark on a quest in 10th-century Italy—as it really was? For information, e-mail
THE GALLERY BOOKSTORE at 923 West Belmont Avenue in Chicago has back issues of Moulinet: An Action Quarterly, now available on-line through Advanced Book Exchange, Gallery Bookstore Ltd. inventory number 060 ( For further information, phone William Fiedler at Gallery Bookstore 773-975-8200 or e-mail