About Us

"What am I doing wrong?" complained the writer, settling into a chair near the fire in a Chicago tavern not far from several storefront theatres, "I'm a respected theater critic for three newspapers, for chrissakes! I've written dozens of stage combat articles since the first Night at the Fights show in 1991, but only—what? six? seven?—have gotten published."

"Editors don't think readers want to hear about stage combat," declared the university professor, returning from the bar with two whiskeys, "To most people, real violence is sexy, but choreographed violence is for wusses."

"What we need is a publication devoted solely to theatrical violence," declared the writer, "Reviews of fights, interviews with fight choreographers and articles about fight techniques—how to make safe violence sexy, too. Oh, and a place for the gossipy insider stuff as well."

A lanky man with wavy grayish-blond hair, the former publisher of the newsletter New Plays and Playwrights, looked up from his O'Doul's, "You know, a fight newsletter could easily be done on a computer, printed and distributed to the fight crowd. I’ve done a theatrical newsletter before."

Eventually a hardcopy newsletter - Moulinet: An Action Quarterly - debuted in February 2000. Ten years later, this independent publication continues to serve as a forum for members of the fight profession and an advocate for the art of stage combat. From storefronts and Shakespeare Festivals, to the training workshops of the Society of American Fight Directors, to cowboy-shooting tournaments and Renaissance Faire jousts, Moulinet has covered them all. It has figured in doctoral dissertations and shout-outs at The Jeffs. With, Moulinet takes the next step to become a unique online resource with expanded capabilities and timeliness.